There’s no such thing as bad weather. Little things can make a huge difference when your kids are playing outside. This is what you should be looking out for when choosing outdoor wear for your kids!

Is my outdoor wear waterproof?

A professional survey in the outdoor market tests to determine the degree to which rain and ski wear is ‘waterproof’. In this test, an open tube is placed on a Ducksday rain suit and filled with at least 10000 mm of water. If no leakage occurs, the rain and ski wear is considered waterproof.

Did you know that parts of our Ducksday collection can withstand even 10000 mm?

Why is breathability so important?

While a waterproof rain suit will keep your kid dry on the outside, you also want to ensure outdoor clothing is breathable. Kids move – a lot – and transpire. That body heat needs to be transported outside of their outdoor wear in order to avoid your kids to get wet on the inside of their rain or ski wear. Luckily our Ducksday collection is also breathable.

Does Ducksday have tips to share on how to keep your kids warm when playing outside on cold days?

Yes, we do. Next to choosing the right outdoor wear for your kids – waterproof and breathable – we advise you to dress your children in layers. It is easy to remove or add layers.

Woolen underwear is the best layer to start with on real cold days. Never forget mittens, hats and warm shoes – cold feet and hands can make a child miserable out there! Make sure outdoor clothing fits comfortable to allow layers.