Get to know our story & mission

Get to know our story & mission

Hi there,

I am Bettina, founder and designer of the brand Ducksday. Based in Belgium, that little country with the unpredictable weather.

I would love to tell you how the brand started, but first allow me to ask YOU a question. What was your most beautiful childhood experience and memory?

Let me do a little humble guess: The first time with your toes in the sea, sitting on the back of your mom’s bicycle, looking for something in the sand (which was not there), discovering the zoo, having a walk in the city while it was raining cats and dogs, playing hide and seek with your neighbours and friends outside or being surprised by the first snowflakes falling out of the sky? I am pretty sure it was not watching tv, but rather a beautiful moment outdoors.

As for me, that is certainly the case. I was always outside, no matter the weather!

Growing up, becoming an adult and getting pregnant, I realised that I wanted the same for my child(ren): A future and endless memories in nature.

I started to look for nice and quality outdoor wear for children. But I did not really find what I wanted, so I took action and started to design some things myself: colourful, unique and timeless designs that haven’t changed ever since.

Ducksday grew step by step and is now working with fantastic people. We are all convinced about what we can offer children and that every person in the making of our clothing should be rewarded fairly. We are always looking for new, sustainable ways to produce our clothes. A sustainability which is sincere and not just a marketing concept.

We truly believe that children can only respect nature if they experience it. They are our future and we have to give them the same opportunities as when we were kids.

I want to give my honest and sincere thank you to all people who support my dream.

I am a lucky woman and mom.