Ski pants versus bib pants: what is the best option for kids?

Ski pants versus bib pants: what is the best option for kids?

Choosing the right cold weather gear for kids can be a challenging task. There are many options and you will want your child to stay warm, dry and comfortable in the snow. When you’re going for a two-piece winteroutfit with snow pants, you have a choice between the traditional ski pants orthe bib pants. Ski pants are the more regular style pants with reinforced materials and features to make them suitable for participating in all kinds of winter activities, mainly skiing and snowboarding.

Bib pants have essentially all the same features, but they have an additional layer that covers part of the upper body and chest. Bib pants have suspenders or straps that go over the shoulders and can be adjusted for a secure fit. They often look a little like bibs for feeding babies, hence the name. Bib pants are not just for children, a lot of adult skiers and snowboarders also opt for this style of snow pants.

Are bib pants or ski pants better for skiing and snowboarding?

One major difference between the two is the coverage they provide. Ski pants only cover the legs and lower body, while bib pants cover the upper body and chest as well. This additional coverage can be beneficial in extremely cold conditions, as it helps to keep more of the body warm.

Ski pants have a more traditional fit, with a waistband and belt loops. Ski pants can be easier during toilet breaks, because you don’t need to take off your winter jacket. But they may not stay in place as well as bib pants during activities. Bib pants have the added support of the suspenders or straps, which helps to keep them in place and prevents them from sagging or sliding down. For children, the right fit and comfort is essential to be able to have fun in the snow. Our Ducksday bib pants have an improved design and fit with adjustable braces, a chest pocket with Velcro, side pockets with zippers, fleece lining details and a stretch panel on the back for extra mobility.

The best bib pants for kids

When choosing the best bib pants for your kids, always put comfort first and go with quality materials that can withstand the cold weather elements. Quality bib pants need to have features to allow for ventilation and ease of movement. Our Ducksday bib pants, for example, are breathable and STANDARD100 BY OEKO-TEX certified. Your child can run, play, ski or snowboard while staying warm and without sweating. The bib pants also have reinforced stitching at the knees and ankles, to make sure it lasts a long time without getting worn out by all your winter activities.

When hitting the slopes, always go for waterproof pants or pants with a water-resistant coating to keep you dry in wet and snowy conditions. That is why all our winter clothing is made from 100 percent recycled polyester and has an ecological waterproof finish. That means our bib pants are waterproof up to 10.000 mm, water resistant and windproof. No need to worry about the cold this season! Our bib pants all have taped seams, a zipper at the hem with a snow gaiter and an elastic at the bottom to keep snow and water from getting in. That way, your child can roll around in the snow without getting snow on the inside of its pant legs.

Is your child ready to hit the slopes with our Ducksday bib pants? We have sizes from 2 years up to14 years in four different colors. Make sure to check our size table to find the right pair of pants. You can also mix and match your favorite color with our winter jackets, detachable fleece jackets, mittens and scarfs. Size 14years even fits for adult women with EU size 36 and a height of max 175 cm.